Ready to Book...

A booking form is required to determine availability. Once a form is submitted I will reply within one business day regarding appointment options, but typically book 2-4 weeks out. Most shoots will occur on Tuesday or Thursday. This allows me to edit the other week days. All weekend shoots (Friday after 3pm, Saturday, and Sunday) require a $50 add-on. For all services, local/sales tax of 8% will be added to all invoices, as required by Hays County. Travel charges will apply for locations more than 20 minutes away from our Driftwood location. All charges will be disclosed on the booking agreement. The forms below are not for use with mini sessions, which have a separate booking page for sign up and payment when offered. All promo/referral codes must be entered on the booking form to redeem.

PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY more BOOKINGS until tuesday, AUGUST 6TH. I WILL BE TRAVELING over the summer and am taking some time off to build/launch THE GONE NOMAD PRINT SHOP. feel free to submit a booking form if your shoot is after tuesday, august 6, 2019. during this time, please allow additional time for email communication as i will be out of the office regularly. thanks for your understanding as i expand the business!

In addition to the booking request form above, you will also fill out an additional form if ordering a virtual tour. It is up to the client to provide all tour information by the shoot date. Once the tour is published all tour edits will be done by the client from the client panel. Click here for the Virtual Tour Order Forms