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The discounts listed below applies only to the advertised photography package and are not applicable to travel charges or optional add-ons (twilight, rush delivery, additional images, etc.). 

  • Referrals - Nothing makes us happier than when an existing client refers us out. When a new client includes your name on a booking form for their first shoot with us, we will send you a referral code to use for 10% off your next portrait package once the new client completes their session. As an incentive for listing your name on the booking form, we will also give the new client 10% off their first shoot with us. So its a win win for everyone!

  • Reshoots - We understand there may be situation when we have to reshoot a property. Maybe you want to show off before/after of your work. Or, you decide after the fact you want to add twilight. Either way, we appreciate your repeat business and will offer a 10% discount off the residential packages for the second shoot at the same property. Reshoot discounts are not applicable to exterior only packages.

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