Usage Rights for Previously Edited Images (<10 images)


Usage Rights for Previously Edited Images (<10 images)


This item includes permanent usage rights (less than 10 images) for a shoot that has already taken place and edited. The pricing is determined by the total number of images you are acquiring rights for. Discount begin when 10 or more images are ordered. So please be sure you have selected the appropriate category. During the checkout process you will be required to complete a form acknowledging you aware of the delivery process and terms of service. Once payment is received, the images will be provided to you via a Google Drive folder for digital download. Internet access is required to complete all orders. Please see the Additional Info page for this product to see pricing details. Sales tax will be added to all invoices during checkout, as required by Hays County. 

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The base price for permanent usage right for previous shoots begins at $15 per image. The following bulk discounts are applied when purchasing 10 or more images.

Previous Shoot Usage Rights: Bulk Discounts
Level I Bulk Discount (10-19 images) = 10%
Level II Bulk Discount (20-39 images) = 20%
Level III Bulk Discount (40-59 images) = 30%
Level IV Bulk Discount (60+ images) = 40%