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Why is your editing time longer than some real estate photography companies? Many real estate photographers do several shoots a day and batch edit the shoots. I only take three shoots a week because I spend an extensive amount of time on editing. Some finish editing a 40 image shoot in as little as one hour or even outsource the editing. I edit all the images myself and take my time blending 5+ exposures to ensure an evenly lit image. Each image takes me anywhere from 30-60 minutes to edit, hence the longer editing time.

Do your service include staging or moving furniture around for the shoot? Our services include photography only. It is up to the client to prepare the home prior to our arrival. For liability reasons, we will not move furniture, turn on gas fixtures, etc. Their are so many factors we have to think about at each shot (lighting, reflections, etc.) that is hard for us to point out distracting items, but we will do our best. 

Will shoot tips be provided to help prepare the space? Yes, once the booking agreement has been signed a PDF of shoot tips will be emailed to you to help prepare for the shoot.

What is a twilight/dusk appointment and will I also get daytime exterior options? All of our packages are based on a daytime appointment. You have the option to add on a twilight appointment. The best lighting of the day occurs one hour before sunset. When we arrive to the appointment we will first take daytime exterior images, then inside shots, and then about 15 minutes after sunset we will take twilight exterior images. This will showcase the properties lighting with a sunset sky. For an option add-on we will stay for the dusk portion, which begins right after twilight. A dusk exterior shots will give you a deep blue sky.

Why are the windows blue in some of the interior shots in the gallery? Twilight shoots tend to leave a blue hue coming in through the windows. Many of our clients like us to leave this as it is a feature specific to twilight shoots, however we can edit this to look more realistic.

How many options will I get to select from if I add on the Client Selection? The number of options depend on the package ordered and size of the space. The longer the session time the more options you will have to choose from, but here is an average: Residential I ~50 options, Residential II ~75 options, and Residential III ~100 options.

Difference between proof vs. full edit? The options gallery will include all the proofs from your session if you choose to add this on. The proofs are all the usable images from your session and the number will vary based on your session time. These proofs have only been edited to include global adjustments (exposure, white balance, and crop). Keep in mind the proof is a single image, when we edit your final images we combine 5+ exposures to get the best quality.

Can I select more than the allowed package images for full edits? Yes, with any package you may order more than the quantity listed under your package at $15 per additional image. 

Why is there an add-on for weekend appointments? I left my full time job as a scientist to be a part-time photographer to allow me to spend more time with my family and to live life to the fullest. I schedule most of my portrait shoots during golden hour (one hour before sunset) when lighting is optimal. For this reason I initially wasn't going to do shoots over the weekend, as it would take up prime family time. But know sometimes peoples schedule require this. So I will shoot over the weekend with an add-on.