Headshot Selection and Editing Preferences...

A headshot form is required for every headshot order. Please do not complete this form until after you have reviewed the headshot options. Please remember your headshot image options are very preliminary and you only want to focus on the pose, crop, and facial expression. Don't worry about background shadows, skin tone, teeth/eye color, etc. when selecting your image. We like for our edits to be somewhat minimal with headshots and never want to assume you want something adjusted. Typically, all headshots will undergo minor touch ups including teeth whitening (if necessary), enhancing/brightening the eyes, and softening the skin. We want you to be happy with your final headshot and the degree of each of these edits depends on your personal preference. Use the form below to submit your image selection and editing preferences for your final headshot image. Please request any edits under the Additional Information section, because additional edits will not be made once the headshot is delivered. Please remember if a form isn't received within five business days we will make the selections ourself. Once a form is submitted,  the final headshot will be further edited and delivered electronically in various file sizes within five business days. If your company has a specific image size or crop requirement please remember to include it on this form. Thank you!

Name *
Provide the file name of the single image from the options provided you want to use as your headshot. The file name is listed under the thumbnails provided.
Image Cropping *
Looking at the sample of the image selected, please indicate your cropping preference of your headshot.
Teeth Whitening *
Inidcate your preference below when it comes to teeth whitening.
Wrinkle Reduction *
Indicate your preference when it comes to reducing fine lines and wrinkles in your headshot
Skin Imperfections and Tone *
Indicate your preference when it comes to eliminating blemishes, reducing appearance of moles and scars.
Air Brushing *
Please indicate your preference when it comes to airbrushing to soften your skin, reduce discoloration, shine, and pore size.
Makeup (if applicable) *
Sometimes makeup isn't as pronounced in the image as intended. If you wore makeup to the shoots, indicate your preference on if you want us to accentuate it. This includes the lash line, eyebrows, lip and cheek color.
Please use the space below to request additional edits to your headshot other than those described above or to provide specific image dimension requirements your company may have. UNLESS LISTED BELOW WE WILL NOT MAKE ANY ADDITIONAL EDITS THAN THOSE DESCRIBED ABOVE. Example of requested items may be to slim certain areas, add volume to hair, remove clothing logos, remove or lighten a specific mole/birthmark/scar, etc.